Bob Dylan to Neil Young – Engineer and Producer Al Schmitt: AudioStream Podcast No.4

Welcome to the fourth episode of the AudioStream Podcast and host Brian Hunter brings you Part 2 of our in-depth interview with legendary music-industry producer and studio engineer Al Schmitt. With his preternatural ability to get the best out of some of the greatest artists spanning decades of modern music as we know it, Schmitt's name has become synonymous with mega-talent.

From producing acts like Jefferson Airplane to engineering feats with Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra and Diana Krall, Schmitt has been behind the board for some of the biggest entertainment talent to grace the airwaves.

Schmitt walks us down his historical path that earned him 150 gold/platinum albums and 22 Grammys, sharing his experiences and engineering know-how working with the likes of Duke Ellington, Sam Cook, Toto, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and more. Part 2 of 2.

–Brian Hunter and Rafe Arnott

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