B.M.C./Antipodes/Vapor Audio

B.M.C. was showing their line of components including the BDCD1.1 Belt Drive CD Player/Transport, BMC DAC1 DAC/Preamp ($4,700) and BMC AMP M1 monoblock amplifiers ($7,900/pair) while using the Antipodes Music Server ($2,300 2TB, $2,500 4TB) with a SOtM mBPS-d2s Intelligent Battery Power Supply ($400). The Antipodes Music Server includes a drive for ripping your CDs, comes in black or silver, and offers USB output to your DAC of choice.

Antipodes is preparing to launch the Media Vault ($TBD but under $3,000) that offers up to 6TB of internal storage. The speakers in use in the BMC room were the new Joule Black ($8,995) 90dB 3-way full range speakers from Vapor Audio.