Black Friday, the unicorn of made-up sales, is coming

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of those completely made-up events – the unicorns of shopping discounts if you will – for online or bricks-and-mortar sales to whip the populace into a consumer buying frenzy a good month before Christmas blitzing really hits your pocketbook.

Nevertheless, there are some good deals out there to be had for those individuals with money burning a hole in their pockets, or who have been patiently waiting for a certain key high-fidelity item to go on sale – what that is I have no idea, but I figured if I could help connect a few ‘philes with a solid deal or two then it’s probably worth posting a little something.

So without further ado, or much fanfare, here some links to a few deals that may spur you on to damage your credit rating.

Qobuz is making Black Friday a week-long affair with anywhere from 40 to 80 per cent off hundreds of high-resolution titles for download. Check out the deals HERE.

In North America, Music Direct has dozens of items on sale from powered/passiveloudspeakers, wireless loudspeakers, DACs and streamers to network players and amplifiers and preamplifiers. Check out the deals HERE.

In the UK, Focal and Naim are offering big savings when start big spending and throwing in high-dollar items like free Mu-so QB all-in-ones with major bundled purchases. Check out the deals HERE.

For our European audiophile brothers and sisters, ProjektAkustik are celebrating Black Friday with a plethora of deals including significant price drops on KEF LS50 Wireless loudspeakers, the Primare I15 integrated amp/DAC, the Linn Majik DS/2, Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus and iFi nano iDSD Black Label to name but a few of dozens on sale. Check out the deals HERE.

Closer to home, LTA (Linear Tube Audio) is offering 10 per cent off a range of their top-shelf gear, including the ZOTL40 amplifier, ZOTL10 MK II amplifier and MicroZOTL MZ2 head amp. Check out the deals HERE.

Zu Audio is also at it again, (those Dirty Omen Weekends!) but with unknown deals on unknown kit, but Like the curtains being pulled back in the Wizard of Oz, all will be revealed to those looking for savings from Zu on Friday the 23rd at 6 a.m. Mountain Time. Check the deals HERE.

Finally, Peachtree Audio is offering some nice discounts on their Nova series of super integrated amps/DACs/headphone amps, particularly in Piano Gloss Black. Check out the deals HERE.

Not a huge list, I know, but one with some solid deals and with a nod to the global reach that this unicorn sales event is enjoying.

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Only $59 for The History of High-End Audio Electronics book. That's the cheapest price I've seen so far. I bought the book when it was $89.