Neil Young's Bitter Pill

I don't mean to pick on Neil Young especially since he's been one of my favorite musicians for decades (even before Decades) and he's also one of a few high profile musicians leading the charge for better sound quality and away from MP3s but his newest album, Psychedelic Pill is only available in download form as a "Digital Bundle" for $10.99 and this bundle is no bundle of hi-rez joy. Rather its, hold onto your irony board, MP3s.

There's also a 2 CD set ($12.99), a Blue-Ray disc ($18.99), and a triple LP ($79.98). The good news is there's over 85 minutes of new original music from Neil Young and Crazy Horse so I plan to dive in as soon as I decide which package I want to dive into. Eighty bucks for the LP is steep, the CD is CD-quality so maybe its the Blu-Ray then ripping.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was simply a high resolution download? Wouldn't that make sense?

You can shop for your very own version of Psychedelic Pill right here.

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oh, you know it: there will be a simple high resolution download.

Just not officially distributed...

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BTW, there is a FLAC download available. Hard as hell to gotta navigate like heck to find it.but it is there.

High(er) Rez: A pipe dream. 44.1/16 is it for now.

One thing we need to get through our thick skulls-

I have first hand knowledge that in the music bizness, 48 Khz/24 bit is considered high rez and way more than enough bandwidth to capture anything that pop music has to offer.

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Yes, a hires download makes sense. But HDTracks or whomever would want at least $18 for it anyway (more if higher than 96kHz.) Right?

So a physical disc for "$1 more" ($19) is a good value if you have room to store it away.

Pity about the 3xLP's price.

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Just stumbled upon this:

or, about $45 U.S. (plus shipping ...) but that's still cheaper than buying locally, probably?

Heard a rumor this is AAA but dunno if that's true. That would be an interesting comparison against the Blu-Ray on the right setup.