Bits-are-Bits Or Are They? Nuno Vitorino of Innuos: AudioStream Podcast No. 2

Welcome to the second episode of the AudioStream Podcast and once again we think this interview will start tongues wagging.

Nuno Vitorino of Innuos sparks up a conversation with host Brian Hunter about the silicon-based neural pathways that help make up digital-audio music servers. The company’s new Statement product recently hit the market with something to prove: That digital starting points can contribute to overall sonics just as much as a turntable.

But, are bits really just bits, or is there more to the story than just that?

How much of an influence can a digital-streaming or server-based computer source really have? Depends who you ask and how much they know about the complex technical issues facing modern-day manufacturers of dedicated, audiophile servers/streamers and DACs.

Vitorino's deep well of engineering intelligence touches on much of the delicacy of keeping ones and zeros as pure as the driven snow and intrinsically implies that getting good sound from a source isn’t merely as binary as one might think.

–Brian Hunter and Rafe Arnott

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