The Barn In Pictures, by Stephen Mejias

There is something in human nature that enjoys a bit of voyeurism, compels ordinary men and women to look into their neighbors’ windows while walking down the street at night, inventing stories of the things that live and happen inside.

We know one another through our friendly greetings and smiles, but what happens on the other sides of walls? On the backs of things? Inside? Who are we when no one else is looking? And why?

Who is Michael Lavorgna?

He is a collection of witches and weapons and totems and masks. He is a cabinet overflowing with records and books and photos and toys. He is an artist, husband, father, and friend. Who would he be if he hadn’t been frightened, if he hadn’t been hurt?

Jimi Hendrix, Fritz Lang, Master of Darkness, a guy forever from Totowa.

He surrounds himself with things that release comfort, happiness, and strength—little stories and windows into other possible worlds, reminders of the person he once was and the one he chose not to be—so that even when the hi-fi is turned off, the music still plays.

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I suggest as a soundtrack, Tom waits' "What's He Building In There."

Thanks for the tour.

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How do you heat the barn? I imagine it would get mighty cold in winter.

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And a water closet. Very civilized ;-)
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Leaves allot to the imagination :)

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It may be memorabilia!

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Can you listen with the back wall up?

That would be the ultimate "dead back wall!"

Again, awesome tour.

Michael Lavorgna's picture sounds better with the door closed.
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Maybe a closed room allows a speaker to 'lock' with, or 'load' the room more effectively.

Thanks for the answer.

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There are so many intriguing items in these photos, thank you both. Im sure most items have stories, but the one I have to ask about is the Chuck Palahniuk severed arm. How did that come to be? Did you have him sign it?

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He offered these as a promotional item on his book tour. I found mine at a local used book shop but they are available online.

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So, Mejias is a peeping Tom? Wow, who knew?? :-)

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I'm surprised that you're surprised.