The Barn Panorama

I've been rather selective about the views shown of the barn because, well, it was filled with stuff (i.e. unseemly). Since that's no longer the case, I'm happy to share this panoramic view (there's still work to be done but isn't that always the case?).

Turn And Face The Change

Careful readers already know about my new amp. For those that don't, here she is (all good things are 'she'); The Leben 6L6GC TUBE PRE-MAIN AMPLIFIER MODEL: CS-600. I'm using KT77s in place of the 6L6GCs which means the Leben is feeding my DeVore gibbon Xs up to 28W of output power.

Take another look at that panorama and try to imagine the following playlist filling that entire space with beautiful, gut crunching sound:

  1. "When My Baby Comes" Grinderman, Grinderman2
  2. "If 6 Was 9" The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Axis: Bold As love
  3. "Lazy" Deep Purple, Machine Head
  4. "Susie-Q" Creedence Clearwater Revival
  5. "Gloria" Patti Smith, Horses
  6. "Mississippi Queen" Mountain, Climbing!
  7. "Figure 8" FKA twigs, M3LL155X
  8. "Since I've Been Loving You" Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin III
  9. "Voice Of Chunk" The Lounge Lizards, Voice Of Chunk
  10. "Siren" John McLaughlin, Devotion
  11. "Coax" Raime, Tooth
  12. "Voodoo Chile" The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Electric Ladyland
  13. The Pusher" Steppenwolf
  14. "Stigmata" Ministry, Land Of Rape And Honey
  15. "Absolutego" Boris, Dear
  16. "God Song" Severed Heads, Since The Accident
  17. "God Is Great" African Head Charge, Songs Of Praise
And was a late night ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to those who do.

oldominion's picture

awhile ago, correct? I threaten every so often to ditch the separates and sink all profits into a good integrated, and these Lebens always look good to me. Have not yet heard any of the Leben line, however...what joy it would give me to have two or three components instead of five plus.

Michael Lavorgna's picture
I used to have the CS-300XS which I paired with Altec Valencias (also gone). The 600 is another beast altogether and if I can put it this way, it doesn't sound like a tube amp (in a good way). Drives the crap of my DeVore's.

I am happy (very).

FransZappa's picture

- in a good way - well I guess it doesn't sound like a solid state either, in a good way. Tube gear often gets the addendum that it does not sound like a tube amp. My estimate is that it sounds like an excellent tube amp; tubes done in a good way and I am very happy for you. I think tube amps in combination with digital sources is a solid way to go.

Michael Lavorgna's picture
...making a cliched remark. I should have said, the Leben sounds like a great amplifier ;-)


FransZappa's picture

that even though I only know you from what you digitally share with us that the Leben amp seems to fit you very well! I like the way it looks in its no-nonse handmade way and point-to-point wiring. Will you enlighten us with an dedicated article on the Leben?

BTW. Judging from the panorama view image, your room seems to sound much better now :D

Michael Lavorgna's picture
Sure, I'll share my thoughts on the Leben at some point. And I'd agree - it does fit me very well.


Bucolic Plague's picture

Was there something in the Ayre that didn't smell right?

Michael Lavorgna's picture
The change was about buying something I've enjoyed for years from a company I respect.
effula's picture

would enjoy your thoughts on the differences between the Ayre and Leben in your space and setup... love the barn pano! happy thanksgiving Micheal and readership!

Brown Sound's picture

Wrapping up my last night of the week at the shiny disc plant. Have a great Thanksgiving, Michael.

Michael Lavorgna's picture
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
oldominion's picture

as I do, space is at a premium. I've been told time and again that I'd regret getting rid of my separates, and maybe I would. But right now my battleship-sized tube power amp and Destroyer-sized tube preamp frustrate me with their ungainliness. Yes, they sound wonderful, but as with many in our hobby I remain ever-curious about other methods of delivering the audio goods. Has anyone else ditched separates for an integrated?

Stephen Dupont's picture

I recently replaced the KT88s in my Icon Audio ST40 with KT77s, and am astounded by the difference. i'm not so familiar with 6L6s, but the slam i hear from the KT77s is quite something.

slam plus sweetness.

great room Michael, and i envy you the Leben.

Shredder's picture

I am also intrigued by the idea of ditching the separates. My medium term plan is to change speakers to Gibbon xs or O/96s. That will then push me toward lower powered amps. I have been considering a Lio (w/DHT line stage) or VAC 160i. The Leben looks intriguing as well. Hopefully, there will be a review forthconming.