Ayre Codex

Ayre Acoustics, makers of my amp, handed off DA duties to their Codex DAC/Preamp/Headphone amp ($1795), which made Steve Plaskin's Favorite Bits List while also garnering a Class A rating (check out the price again and compare it to other Class A DACs on that list).

My amp, well mine is back in the barn, the Ayre AX-Twenty ($12,950) drove the Vandersteen Quatros ($13,900) and the sound was...I'll let Graham Nash tell you:

Graham Nash Visits Ayre Acoustics.

That's an Ayre, naked!

And my amp clothed!

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but I think the innards are a top of line preamp and not an integrated.

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Rather than change it, I corrected the text. Time for some rest.
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Selling my Treo's to anyone who wants a great speaker so I can get those Quatro's. Man does Richard make great sounding musical speakers. That Ayre gear is sick good for the money. Thanks for sharing. Hope Ayre's TOTL DAC;s I'm sure they are working on will be MQA. Using an Empirical Audio OSDE/SE with all upgrades, but MQA is special and I bet Ayre will be on board. They are a great company and I'm glad you guys are showing it. Thanks for the coverage.