Ayre AX-8 All-In-Onenes (& Mega Queries Anticipated)

I like Ayre Acoustics. I own their AX-5 Twenty integrated amplifier, have met and interviewed Charley Hansen, and enjoyed their QB-9 DSD DAC and QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub. So it is with great pleasure and anticipation that I share the forthcoming Ayes AX-8 Integrated Amplifier ($TBD but think a double digit % decrease from the AX-5 twenty).

image credit: Ayre

As I hope you can see, the Roon Ready AX-8, here in prototype form, offers 80 Watts of output power into 8 Ohms, 6 digital inputs, 3 analog inputs, headphone output and a bevy of Ayre tech including their zero-feedback fully balanced circuitry, Ayre's Minimum Phase digital filter, custom digital clock, and much more.

Also on silent display was the forthcoming Ayre QX-8 digital hub ($TBD ibid).

image credit: Ayre

Think of the QX-8 as the QX-5 Twenty's little digital brother.

Expect to see both units this Fall.

Warning: Rumor Mill Working Overtime
There's a lot of talk at hi-fi shows; think laryngitis levels. One of the more persistent words about town is the Ayre 8 Series digital products will also be sporting a now infamous three-letter acronym: Mega Queries Anticipated?