Ayre Acoustics

The Ayre room was all Ayre with the exception of the Vienna Acoustics Kiss loudspeakers ($15,000/pair). A track from Nick Drake's Pink Moon was playing when I walked in, the sliding door was open letting in cool fresh air and I could have sat down on the floor and had a picnic if only I didn't have that phobia about hotel room carpets. The system responsible for providing those cool and relaxing sounds consisted of a Mac mini running Pure Music, connected to the Ayre QB-9 USB DAC ($2,750), KX-R line stage preamplifier ($18,500), VX-R stereo amplifier ($14,950), L-5xe AC power filter/distributor ($1,500) and all Ayre cabling.

On the What's News front, Ayre was showing their new QA-9 ADC 24/196 analog-to-digital convertor ($tbd) for those considering ripping tape and/or vinyl to high res digital. Check out John Atkinson's report on the QA-9 on Stereophile.