Ayre Acoustics DX-5-DSD and the QB-9-DSD

The Ayre Acoustics DX-5-DSD and the QB-9-DSD are getting a facelift that includes DSD playback. The new versions should be available within the next few months and at that time existing owners can bring their QB-9s and DX-5s into their dealer for the DSD tuneup. The cost for the new DSD versions are TBD.

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Hello Michael,

Thanks for the note on the coming upgrades for the Ayre USB D/A converters, the DX-5-DSD and the QB-9-DSD. In the mad rush of CES, you swapped the photos and posted the picture of the DX-5-DSD that was in our active system. (The only facelift is the addition of the "DSD" logo below the Ayre logo.)

On the DX-5 we made improvements to both the analog output stage and its power supply. We also replaced the Burr-Brown DAC chip with an ESS Sabre and the clocks with some lower jitter modules. The DSD logo is because we have also added the "DSD over PCM" (DoP) capability so that one can stream downloaded DSD files from your computer to the DX-5-DSD. The sound from the analog outputs is significantly improved, but there are no improvements to any other part of the player. Therefore it only makes sense to purchase the upgrade if you are using the analog outputs. We are going to try one other change to see how much improvement it makes (we didn't have time before CES) and then release the new version by the end of January. The expected US retail price increase will be in the range of 5% to 10%, and older units will be fully upgradable for around the same price.

We will apply many of the same upgrades to the QB-9, to be called the QB-9 DSD. In this case we want to keep the US retail below a certain price point, so we don't know haw many of the changes we will be able to include.That unit should be shipping in mid-February. Again the sonic improvement will be substantial, and the price increase and also the upgrade cost will be very reasonable.

Best regards,
Charles Hansen
Ayre Acoustics, Inc.

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I corrected the text (instead of swapping the image) and thank you for the clarifications and further information. 

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Was the pricing for the QB-9 DSD ever announced?

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Ayre QB-9DSD ($3,250)