Avatar Acoustics/AMR

In the Avatar Acoustics room, the AMR Digital Processor-777 ($4,995) mixes new and old by offering various digital algorithm filters/listening modes including "Organic, MP Listen, Apodising 808, and Traditional" coupled with tube stages one dedicated to the S/PDIF input that uses a single NOS 6H11P "high-speed valve operating into the 100MHz region" and a pair of NOS 6H1n-EV dual triodes in the analog output stage. There are a host of inputs including 2 x XLR/BNC, 2 x RCA/Toslink and a 24/192 Asynchronous USB and a pair of RCA and XLR outputs and a "Direct-Coupled/Buffered Analogue Volume Control" so you can skip the preamp if you're a digital source kinda gal (or guy).

And forgive the diversion but also in the Avatar Acoustics room sat some wonderfully other looking amplifiers and pre-amps from Tri-Art Audio.

Pictured on the left is the class-D 25 Watt Stereo with Volume Control - #Block-25-SV and on the right sits its Battery Pack - #Block-DC12V.

And here's the matching preamp. Thinking outside the box with a box. Nice.

kenmac's picture

Those "filters/listening modes" remind of the rhythm selector keys on a Farfisa organ: "twist, merengue" or "waltz"?   Apodising 808? Does that replicate a Roland 808 when ya wanna rock some techno ? 

Michael Lavorgna's picture

And "Organic" is for making anything you play sound like a Windham Hill recording.