Aurender A10 Server with MQA

Aurender were showing off their new A10 Server/DAC ($5500) which also happens to be MQA-enabled. Packed with 4TB of music storage and a 120G solid-state drive for caching music prior to playback, the A10 uses dual 768KHz/32bit Next Generation Flagship AK4490 DAC Chips to convert D to A. Outputs includes single-ended RCA and balanced XLRs, but you can bypass the A10's analog stage (why would you?) and send its bits to your DAC via USB.

A Mark Levinson No534 amp drove a pair of Revel Salon2 speakers and I very much enjoyed my time with Aurender's Director of Sales and Marketing Jean-Paul Lizars trading some favorite tunes using the perpetually improving Aurender app.

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I hope the A10 is on your list to review. I'd be very interested to know how it compares to Bryston's BDP-2/BDA-3 combo and the Lumin A1!

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...use the internal DAC, or also MQA with an external DAC ?

Michael Lavorgna's picture the internal DAC. In order for MQA to be implemented end-to-end, which is a requirement, the decoder needs to know what DAC it's connected to.