Aurender A10

Aurender had their new and as yet to be priced A10 Caching Network Music Server/Player with analog Output (RCA and XLR) on display and that's its insides. All of my pictures of its outside, sucked (I've decided to divorce my camera after our embarrassing inability to get along at CES. I have a new, younger model on the way). The A10 holds 2TB of internal hard disk drive storage for your music and a 120GB solid state drive for cached playback. You can also play music via Ethernet from network attached storage and all Aurender models include their Conductor app and all models support Tidal streaming.

sad, I know

The A10 supports PCM playback up to 32/384kHz and DSD128 using dual 32-bit/768kHz AK4490DAC chips. You can control volume from within the Aurender app or with the included remote. In addition to the analog outputs, there is also USB out and you can also feed the A10 your bits through its Toslink input. Aurender is working with Roon and MQA and expect to roll them out this year.

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I hope you have a review unit on the way!