Auralic Aries: DSD & DXD over Wi-Fi

While you can't see it (or hear it), there's DSD streaming over the air to the system on the left

From Auralic:

ARIES acts as a bridge between NAS and DACs
It will endow your existing high-end DACs with streaming function
With DSD, double-rate DSD and DXD
The Auralic Aries ($999) will have its official launch at the Munich Hi-End Show in May (which is something I heard often at CES). At CES, Auralic had a working Aries prototype and they were successfully streaming double rate DSD via Wi-Fi across the room to their Vega DAC. That feature, in and of itself, is worth pondering especially if you have your music on a NAS now, or plan to get one, and you have a DAC that you like and want to keep. Aries to the rescue. Sounds simple. And it really should be.

Of course this also means the Aries needs to provide an app so you can control play back and you can use any number of third party apps including the Lumin app, Plugplayer, and Kinsky but Auralic is working on their own Lightning control app. The Aries offers USB, AES/EBU, Coax, and Toslink outputs all of which are driven by a Femto master clock. Aires also adds streaming services like Spotify and Internet radio into the mix. Sounds pretty darn good especially at $999, doesn't it.

In order to support DXD and DSD, the Aries requires dual-band 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi. The Aries is the first product in Auralic's "Lightning Streaming" series which will include an OEM version of the DXD/DSD streaming technology.