Audirvana Plus Now w/iTunes Integration (beta)

I enjoy Audirvana's old free player which I use mainly on my iMac creating on-the-fly playlists from my NAS drive. Works like a charm. The Audirvana people have been busy with the launch of their $49 Plus version and they've just announced iTunes integration (if you can't beat 'em, integrate 'em).

From Audirvana:

Audirvana Plus can now, in addition to its independent playlist mode, be fully controlled by iTunes.

In this mode, Audirvana Plus works transparently in the background, replacing the audio engine, while iTunes is used as the library to select and control the tracks to play. 
This also enables the use of the Remote app for iPhone & iPad.

You can download Audirvana Plus Beta w/iTunes Integration here. Merits a closer look and listen.

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downloaded and tested Audirvana Plus - with unpleasant results: Setting the E-MU 0202 USB as sound device crashed my iMac completely (kernel panic).

Still trying to recover ...

I DID like the user interface, though.