Gets a Shout Out In Men's Health

Did I mention I got new glasses? It was time to give in and get progressive lenses which as you may know allow you to have reading glasses and corrective lenses for distance in one frame without the bifocal age line. And it's a good thing since I may have otherwise missed our mention in the September 2013 issue of Men's Health (with Tom Brady on the cover sporting his new haircut). I'm very appreciative of the opportunity nonetheless since spreading the word for better sound is an essential part of our mission.

A few month's back I was asked to provide some desktop speaker recommendations and the crew at Men's Health selected one winner as their featured pick. And it was good choice, imo (hint: it's on our Greatest Bits list). There's also a headphone pick which I'm assuming is from Tyll Hertsens over at as well as tons of tips for losing things, making some things bigger and others smaller, and how to do all kinds of things with the opposite sex. Pick yours up on newsstands everywhere.

Stephen Mejias's picture

I'd like to see a mock cover of ML's Health, replacing Tom Brady with you in your new glasses.

billleebens's picture

...the cover article, "Will She Sleep With You??", as well?

Michael Lavorgna's picture

 ..."No, she won't." but they passed. I also pitched "How to sit at a desk all day, drink beer all night, and not lose any weight!" but it didn't get past the Editor.

billleebens's picture

As long as you did your best. That's all anyone can ask....

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