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A point of clarity: some people have complained that I am being, "I" being me/Michael, _____ (fill in with your variant of mean) in my responses to some comments: "Gee, all I said was your post was [or you were] _____ ( pick one or add your own—lame, crap, shit, nothing more than an ad, shilling, idiotic, dumb, stupid, etc.) Why so defensive?" I'll tell you why.

AudioStream is my job. If you have a job too, imagine someone saying of your work, "That's lame crap!" Or of you, "You are an idiot shill." Then imagine how you'd respond. Now imagine dealing with this kind of thing for 5+ years, day in, day out.

I'm not making excuses for my comments. I am pointing out that I don't believe we here at AudioStream should take any crap (joke) from anyone for the work we do. If you come at me with attitude and rudeness, do not expect to be treated as a child. I may a) come back at you with attitude (I try not to but I am human), b) delete your comment (see our Rules), c) block your account (ibid.), or you may get d) all of the above.

The idea being, I want to keep AudioStream a civil place, akin to the real world where we can communicate ideas. So if you don't care for something we post, explain yourself. And if you are polite, you will be treated politely. I do not intend to let AudioStream become another Internet garbage dump and I do not intend to be a receptacle for childish insults (I've been known to say, "Fuck that").


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I appreciate your attempts to keep things civil. I've stopped reading comments or attempting to participate in discussion at almost all other sites I visit. It doesn't matter if it is sports, politics, news, or sadly, audio. People just seem to have lost their sense of basic politeness and are happy to sink right to name calling, labeling, etc. A sign of the times or I'm just getting older.
Keep up the great work.

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Rock on, Michael.

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Keep recommending whatever floats your boat. If I only read columns or opinions I agreed with I'd be pretty shallow or one dimensional.
If I want to be vitriolic I hit the mute button. I use it plenty. But I've grown to realize my negative comments are my emotional issues and there is no need to make them public.
We call it CIVILization for a reason. Rudeness and negative comments show stunted emotional growth.
Michael, I don't like all your musical recommendations. But my taste in music is a fluid thing and I have bought many of them and expanded my enjoyment of my stereo and portable music.
I do like the civil tone you keep here, so you're stuck with me as a regular reader for the foreseeable future.

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...and it's a pleasure to visit it again. I think all websites should not allow comments. I don't visit websites to see what other people are thinking, I visit for the main show. The only reason I'm commenting now is because I scrolled too far and saw something thoughtful for a change.

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For your work, the compassion and the laborous commitment. I , as a benificiary, have decided only to post with my full clear name, as adults should do. Keep on keepin' on.

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I used to love reading the comments here, and on other sites. Learned a ton - some of it insanely esoteric trivia of no value other than it was really cool to learn about, some of it really practical like solving a USB problem by choosing one of many excellent options presented. More and more, though, sites have become more about opinions than ideas and fact. And you know what they say about opinions... everybody has one, just like everyone has a rectum.

I too wouldn't blame you if you just shut off comments. As a one time heavy promoter of chat and comment forums because they'd make us all more curious and better informed, I freely admit I overestimated humans' desire to be better informed.

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but just an idea-r. Maybe the web monkey could add some text to the comment box to warn people to keep it civil or something? Just an idea-r.

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I've been following you down the paths of listening fun and enlightenment for a while now and the last thing we need is some flaming to bring it to the level of reddit's "I fucked up" subreddit. I've shared my Lovely Recordings and have learned of new things from others sharing theirs. We can disagree and there is room for jokes and fun. In the words of that goddess Joan Rivers.."If they can't take a joke, fuck 'em"

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Hi, my hope is for less music review content, or perhaps aggregate new music downloads, tidal masters releases, etc., into a twice weekly grouping-- and more hardware review-- understanding that you might not have enough time, adding staff?? I'd love to see your thoughts on MQA sound via budget devices that allow this: Bluesound vs. Meridian vs. other sub $1K products-- I see this nascent market segment growing into a potential "influence engine"
to get people born after '85-'90 to look beyond their mobile devices and earbuds, perhaps even beyond the Headphone universe, to actual speakers....I can hope, right?

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I can say with certainty, there will never be less music content ;-)
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Sniping (read: bullying) with anonymity is the new pastime in America. The net has made bitter parrots who lack empathy and respect in general. Making a stand will only help momentarily, the new normal will rear its ugly head again in a weeks time.

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At least we have a rational host whom we may not always agree with but its his site so, as he has said, civilized discourse will prevail which is only right so; "rock on".....

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You sound positively Presidential!

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Honestly, if someone posts up some rather rude insults there are really only two steps that need ot be taken

1. Rude comment unceremoniously deleted (and a quick note to offender if you feel like it explaining)
2. If the rudeness keeps up, ban them.

You don't owe a pugilistic explanation, as you have no need to join in on the debate as you are the freaking Sysop on this website. I've been administrating discussion forums off an on for 30 years, and really the only recourse you have are those two steps.

Politeness is a commodity that is becoming rare and valuable. There is no need to defend what's common sense. Those bozos know what they are doing, they aren't stupid, they're just being jerks. And you are the bouncer.