AudioQuest Jitterbug

49 bucks buys you some of the soundest improvements I've heard for anywhere near the price.

What is the Jitterbug? According to AudioQuest, Jitterbug is a dual-function USB line conditioner. While the company points to two distinct areas of improvement, VBUS and line conditioning for data, as well as improvements in S/N ratio and a reduction in jitter and parasitic resonances, I'd say just plug the damn thing in and try it out for yourself. What you'll hear, if you hear what I heard, is greater clarity, dimensionality, and generally a more natural sound.

As you can see from the photo I was listening to a naked prototype, inserted between an AudioQuest Dragonfly DAC and a MacBook Pro, but you can expect fully clothed production units to hit the streets this Spring. You'll also have noticed there are two Jitterbugs in play which added to the perceived improvements. According to AudioQuest, sonic benefits can be gained by plugging a Jitterbug into most any unused USB port that's connected to your hi-fi, even those pesky stray ports that reside on your NAS. Fascinating.

I look forward to playing with Jitterbug in my own system where I can take a closer look and listen.

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the Total Dac USB cable with the inline filter?

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I certainly wouldn't mind giving this a try to see if there's any effect on a USB DAC's analogue output. I am curious however if it can handle high speed USB 2.0 - like DACs capable of DSD128 or DXD resolution?

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I think it is more a copy of the iFi iPurifier that was nicely reviewed here previously. I used to respect Gordon Rankin for his originality. Shame. Schit copies iUsb power. Now Audioquest copies iPurifier. Whatever next?

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I think that except for the view from 30,000 feet, what Schiit is offering is far different from what iFi is offering. One is a one port hub with reclocking and a DC supply to replace the VBus power, while the other is a refined regulator scheme to replace Vbus power.

So, they are similar, yes. So are all the DACs. They turn digital bit streams into analog signals. Shame.

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.... luv that name ;)

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A few bumps or tugs and you've got damage to your computer USB port and/or the DAC or Bug devices themselves. Alas, it's the USB "form-factor" itself that's part o' da' prob. One of these days, someone will give us a courtesy flush ;)

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I use my dragonfly with the dragontail a little 3 inch Audioquest carbon USB cable.

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I got some info that they wont be available for a couple of months in Canada

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