AudioQuest DragonFlys Do MQA Today

I took a photo of my AudioQuest DragonFly Red before and after the MQA update ($free) so you can experience the change and not have to rely on what I have to say about it. Above is the before photo. Here's after:

I hope this puts all of the MQA controversy to rest.

Download the AudioQuest Desktop Manager to update your 'Fly.

scottsol's picture

That is some incredible software. Even without a voltage source it is able to change the color, not only of the Dragonfly, but of the surroundings as well. Well done Audioquest.

Michael Lavorgna's picture
I don't see any change.
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Further proof that people should rely on their own evaluation of equipment and not be so inthralled with the opinions of reviewers.

johndarko's picture you are. ;) <-- winky face.

Mark Tarone's picture

DONE. Thank you! I looked for this earlier today on Audioquest's site and couldn't find it. Now only if my network player could handle MQA files....