Audiophile Dudes: Episode 1 (we're back!)

After a near-near nearly non-fatal incident caught in the nick of time, Audiophile Dudes are back! You may notice a slight change in the background music which you may or may not recognize as The Eagles "Hotel California". In any event, try to image it is. Feel free to cue it up and play along. Enjoy!

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I know that for some reason this track is ridiculed but you both should be better that this. Whether or not it is ridiculed as an audiophile thing is irrelevant. Many people just like the record and there should be no harm in that. That you ridicule it paints a picture where normal people are unworthy which is just plain wrong. I don't think you meant to do it that way but that is what you have done which is a shame. Sadly you have out Trumped Trump.

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Agreed - don't give up your day jobs

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...we're abnormal?


(btw - your reading of this video is your reading of this video. Nothing more, nothing less)

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The song is fine. It's been played to death. Not the fault of the song.
I have sort of the same reaction to "Stairway to Heaven", but that doesn't make it a bad song.

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It was j'ai guru deva

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grow the fuck up!

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One of my life mottos has always been, "If you can't subvert yourself, who can you subvert?"

Audiophiles making fun of audiophilia is perfect.

Joking about our own hobby is awesome. Who better to to do it?

Why did you dub in the sound of frying an egg at the end? ;-D

I can send you a copyright cleared copy of Jazz at the Pawnshop for episode 2 and you won't have to worry about Don Henley 's lawyers breaking your ankles with a sledgehammer.

Thanks for bringing Audio Dudes back!

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...the vaping device.

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This hobby needs more humor! Bring it!

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If the original Aduio Dudes had to be edited to avoid being attacked by The Eagles, maybe we should get a group of audiophiles to start emailing The Eagles about all the demos done at Hi Fi shows that use their recordings, and how none of those companies are paying royalties for what its, essentially, commercial use.

Then, The Eagles could send representatives to the shows with cease and desist letters.

Plus, if they did that even once, then we could make copies and go to other shows pretending to be serving cease and desist letters on behalf of The Eagles and we could be rid of this scourge of Hi Fi shows.

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I was giggling all the way through this video. I cannot understand how some people took this seriously. Seriously though, I hate Hotel California, both the song and the album. The worst thing they did up to that point, and this coming from a band that gave us Already Gone. HC is waaaaay overproduced and too damn perfect(at least Steely Dan had humor). Has no soul at all and cost a small fortune to record. Anyway, that line in the beginning,"the power supplies have power supplies"..brought back the amp at 11 scene in Spinal Tap. Keep it up and keep us laughing.

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I'm looking forward to the next installment of Audiophile Dudes. My kind of humor!
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Way back when it seemed the whole world was laughing at me I decided to keep my mouth shut.
Now that I blend in to the world, and don't have to keep my mouth shut to get through a day, one of my greatest assets is my sense of humor.
I look forward to more Audiophile Dudes as I can relate to not taking oneself too seriously.
(Realizing the power of humor helped me go from a "C" student to an "A" student in one of my earliest College English courses.)