Audio Alchemy and TAD

I covered Audio Alchemy at RMAF (see report) so I'm only going to talk about how much I enjoyed this room, the calm after the storm. The prototype TAD Concept speakers ($TBD) were paired with the Audio Alchemy gear to show, and show off, that you don't need to spend a fortune on electronics to get great sound (the TAD CE1 loudspeakers are $24,000/pair to provide a ballpark for the Concept speaker cost).

The Alchemy gear in use, DMP-1 Digital Music Player ($1795) running Roon, DDP-1 Digital Decoding Preamp ($1995), PS-5 Power Station ($595), and the DPA-1M Digital Power Monoblocks ($1995), massaged some truly lovely sounds from the TAD speakers; my notes read, "Sounds lovely."

My kinda room. Look for MQA to be implemented in the AA gear in the future.