Aria Hi-End Music Server

The Aria music server (€3,995) from Digibit offers unlimited extended metadata fields and access to the SonataDB of classical music extended metadata as well as AMG, GD3, Freedb, and Musicbrainz for a classical music lover's metadata dreams come true. The Aria provides automatic CD ripping using dBPoweramp, an iPad app for control, up to 2TB of SSD storage or up to 4TB of HSDD storage, DLNA/UPnP compatibility so you can also access music on your network-attached storage, and up to 32/384kHz and DSD playback capability. Aria uses a professional-grade Teac DVD-R drive, a custom ultra-low power industrial grade motherboard, an optional 24/192 and DSD-capable asynchronous USB DAC, S/PDIF (RCA and BNC), AES/EBU, and I2S outputs, all wrapped up in a fanless aluminum case.

Digibit also offers the Music Server Upgrade Kit (€1,000) for the popular Oppo 105, turning your Oppo into an Aria-based music server with the same extended metadata options and SonataDB access as you find in their Aria server. The Upgrade Kit is a board-based add-on that tech-savvy users can install themselves or the less adventurous can have this performed by a capable technician.

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I wonder whether these will be available in the USA? It looks like the Sonata Music Server sofyware must have been updated from the 2011 version, but I don't see that indicated yet on the Sonata site.

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Sonata Music Server will soon be upgraded to v.2.0 supporting JRiver MC18 version and a new iPad app to control it.