Arcam rDAC Sweepstakes

Register to win a Arcam rDAC audiophile-grade Digital to Analog Converter (MSRP $479) we are giving away.

According to Arcam, the rDAC's sleek cast aluminum case, hides the latest digital technology, including the outstanding Wolfson 8741 DAC. With coaxial, optical and USB inputs, the rDAC renders music with stunning accuracy and musicality.

Uses for the rDAC are endless. CD Players, Internet Radios, cable boxes and game stations can be connected via coaxial or optical leads to deliver a dramatic increase in sound quality. PCs and Macs can feed the rDAC via USB using the Asynchronous USB re-clocking circuitry to almost eliminates the jitter and noise associated with music in computer environments.

The results from the highly affordable rDac are thrilling regardless of the digital audio source.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

aopu.mohsin's picture


Question: How will you announce the winner? Will the winner receive an email?

Anyways, I wish I can win this one. I desperately need a good DAC, which I am currently lacking. Thanks.

Surge55's picture

Put me in the hat

Cheers all

Disbro's picture

The only thing missing in my system is the arcam rdac.

KP Mishra's picture

The rDAC would be welcome by audiophiles,

Thanks for the sweepstakes

sincang's picture

oh please. count me in.

Malcolm02's picture

I'm in.

tokapaho's picture

Used to have some Arcam gear when living in Europe. Maybe again?

marknott's picture

Bigfoot is real! Hope this isn't considered SPAM. DAC please!

CJPinner's picture

Sign me up, just what I've been looking for.

bigred's picture

Just found out about this site through the sweepstakes.  I look forward to exploring the content hear, and hopefully a new DAC to boot...

conanb's picture

My system is thirsty for a DAC.

Fab_B's picture this Rdac !!!cool

audiophile543's picture


whell's picture

Thanks for this opportunity!

hlesser's picture

Count me in

Bkhuna's picture

My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.


Yes, I'm dreaming of winning this.

dparker's picture

This contest is awesome! 

cubbyhein's picture

Hope I win, I have always wanted to experiment with a DAC in my current system.

Mr. T's picture

Man, I had a wet dream about this DAC last night - I need one ;-)

BTW, your Arcam link in the text doesn't work. Too many www for my browser's taste...

Michael Lavorgna's picture

Thanks for the heads up (good luck).

Jitterjabber's picture

Wireless DAC you say....yes please!

mcondo's picture

I'm about to buy a dac and put my toe in the hirez waters

raysclim's picture

Sign me up for the sweeptake. 

Arcam is a reputable audiophile company with wonderful product.

rDAC is just another great invention from Arcam... want it badly to upgrade my system setup .

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cpetkus's picture

Please enter me in the drawing!

Thanks!'s picture

I'm in

vstables's picture

Sweet product, I hope I win!!

Speakerphile's picture

Count me in!

landon135's picture

yes please

skarphace's picture

Im in the market for a dac and headphones, If I can save a few hundred bucks that would help out alot!

lawn_wrangler's picture

good stuff...for free?

SKZA's picture

Yeah, that's pretty impressive, but does it...

mow your lawn, pick up the kids from school, get rid of unwanted facial hair, get rid of embarassing age spots, deliver a pizza, lengthen, strengthen, find that slipper that's been at large under the chaise lounge for several weeks, play a mean rhythm master, make excuses for unwanted lipstick on your collar, get rid of embarassing stains from contour sheets, entertain visiting relatives, turn a sandwich into a banquet, walk your dog, double on sax, get rid of your gambling debts, quit smoking, give you denture breath, desanitizes, gives you an erection and win the election?

C'mon and step right up. 


... that said, if I win, I'll take it. 

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Duck851's picture


I recently discovered that my A/V receiver will not pass any digital input through any of its analog outputs to my listening system, so I've been looking at DACs.



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Wow, this would be great with pancakes, maple syrup and Dave's True Story.

robkbriggs's picture

I'd love to win this, I've actually been looking in to purchasing one as my first DAC.

rubytuesday's picture

Love this!

woody's picture

I'm in need of a dac pretty bad. would be pretty great if I can win this! thanks.

VagabondJ's picture

Would love to try out the DAC...

Jmilton7043's picture

Digtal DAC delight!

bwr's picture

Please count me in!!

gashalot's picture

This would let me finally add a DAC to the one lonely computer still using an internal sound card!

MADDOG95's picture

I truly could use an audiophile grade DAC in my system.

I'm in!!!

Thanks for the contest!

SebieDreamtime's picture

Would love to try it.

pulsetsar's picture

This would be perfect for my new setup with the music server in a different room!

aquinas's picture

Nice opportunity


macaronian's picture

Here's hoping.

bubbamike's picture

Ja es gut!

JeffreyO's picture

count me in

Buck1's picture

I'll take it!

Ric Flinn's picture

This would be perfect for my system.

rhirsch's picture

seatrope's picture

Thanks for this sweepstake!

azcoyotesx5's picture

What a great opportunity!  Will keep my fingers crossed....nice DAC.  Would love it!  Thanks for the entry.

rbrooks's picture

Thanks for including me in this contest.

jjljr's picture

this DAC would dramatically improve my quality of life.  now, if only my wife would understand ...

will65's picture

Would love to win one.

welltoldtales's picture

please please please

alec_cat's picture

And an asynchronous USB dac

ZombieFish's picture

Yes, I really, really do.

NoVinyl's picture

This looks like a great DAC.

msardo's picture

Please accept this comment as my rolling of the virtual dice for the Arcam rDAC sweepstakes.

Thanks for the opportunity to try and win! :-)

Mark, from Upstate New York

DrThundr's picture

I'd love to win one!  Pick me!

Crazychords's picture

Love the new rDAC.  In desperate need for a USB Dac.  Especially sweet with that dCS technology inside.

elemental_child's picture

Would love this!

BillB's picture

...and thank you.

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Please enter me in the dacstakes.

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Being able to get a quality DAC for free would help so much in building a great system. Thanks AudioStream!

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Entry for Arcam rDAC. Come home.

coolsax's picture

Definitely in the market for DAC since I got my Squeezebox touch.. hope i win.

deckeda's picture

Or something else!

mfirst's picture

would fit in well with any 'mac' based system - would love to have it connected to mine.......mmmmmmmmm

jeffh's picture

Please select me as the winner.smiley



Driftwood's picture

This would make a great pair to my iMac.

peckjed's picture

ive been looking for a killer DAC! my ibasso just died on me :-( 

Ddncons's picture

This looks like an interesting DAC. I have a Schiit Bifrost and it will be fun to do some comparisons!

isyoox's picture

Yes please. 

morrismrinak's picture

Sounds interesting. Sign me up!

mokes's picture

Heard it sounds awesome, a great value.

kenophile's picture

...if I won this?  But what are my chances, really?  I'm only doing this because I just discovered this site tonight, redirected here from, looking to better-understand computerized music such as DAC, Mhz, Khz, rip, stream, FLAC, USB, Optical, NAS, hard drive storage... Man it's a very deep study... So thanks to audiostream for being here to help me understand it.  

internethandle's picture

For the opportunity!

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Nice! Count me it too.

tomg's picture

pick me!!!!

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Pick me, pick me, pick me!

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Yes please!

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I've been on the market for a good DAC.  This would be fantastic!

arnejaz's picture

Yes please!

Exiting DAC!