Arcam rSeries

Arcam was showing a number of new components from their rSeries including the irDAC (TBD but around $600) so named for its infra-red remote control. The irDAC uses the TI PCM1796 DAC and can handle up to 24/192 data. There are 6 digital inputs including asynchronous USB, Coax, Toslink, and iPod. The rBlink Bluetooth DAC ($249) can handle "near-CD-quality sound" music streamed from your Bluetooth device of choice, and the aptly named SonLink DAC ($350) that marries the Sonos Connect via coaxial SPDIF to what looks like a base but actually houses the 24/192-capable Arcam rLink DAC. The airDAC (TBD) is again aptly named as it is Airplay ready which means you can stream from your iPhones, iPads and iPods. There's also an Ethernet input so can stream to the airDAC via wires. The rLink ($249) is actually a 24/192-capabe S/PDIF DAC (Coax an Toslink) and the rPAC ($249) is a tiny asynchronous USB DAC that supports up to 24/96 data and includes RCA and headphone outputs. The drDock ($299) is what it sounds like and supports iPods, iPhones and iPads. There's an HDMI video output for connecting your iOS device to the big screen, Coax S/PDIF output, a USB port for charing, and a pair of RCAs.

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Do you know if the new Airdac from Arcam can be powered from the DC power output on the rear of the A19 amp? Would this give potentially better sound quality?