Andy Stott: Luxury Problems

I loved Andy Stott's 2011 releases We Stay Together and Passed Me By so I'm amazed to be recommending another Andy Stott record so soon after. But I am. Luxury Problems sounds as menacing as ever as if you've taken the wrong turn into some dark dank metropolis but the further you go the more beauty you begin to see. Don't get me wrong this ain't no Judy Garland but seeing the light amid all this sonic squalor is even that much more rewarding.

Loops, drones, monotones, layers over layers of scratchy construct and voices stripped bare, even. I'm not sure if Andy Stott can sound anything amusical. Alison Skidmore, Andy's piano teacher from his teenage years, adds some lovely pure vocals to the mix and it all adds up to one highly recommended record.

You can download Luxury Problems in CD-quality FLAC format from Boomkat.

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Like gooey chocolate and a solar eclipse