Analog or Digital? A blast from the past!

from MTV c.1993 featuring Michael Fremer! and Neil Young!

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Great little video. Almost 20 years later we are still having the exact same arguments. And this is even after the introduction and death of two high resolution formats: DVD-Audio (officially dead) and SACD (not officially dead but for all practical purposes, like trying to actually buy a new recording on SACD, it might as well be).

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in that 3 minutes than most Internet arguments have since.



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I knew digital had its own issues, but I never realized they numbered in the *hundreds* of problems... Perhaps Mr Fremer was exaggerating a bit when he said that.

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I told him a million times, don't exaggerate!

Or maybe he was speaking on a bit level.


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With 24/192 resolution the only thing left to like about analog is no jitter.  If you can dramatically reduce jitter and playback at 24/192 then you're basically getting the analog sound without the analog issues.  You can spend all you want on your system and you will NEVER get an analog sound unless you get rid of the jitter.  Do some research on jitter, this is the main reason a lot of CD's basically sound like crap and why mp3's have been so widely accepted among the masses - people are used to crappy sounding CD's so embracing the mp3 sound is easy. 

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And I do not find that there are any "analog issues" that prevent me from doing so on a very regular basis.

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The very idea of a needle tracing the surface of a polymer disc having audible qualities as pleasing as an errorless digital stream seems lunatic, though experience suggests otherwise.  I make the claim that if you conduct a blind listening test with near jitter free digital at 24/192 versus LP that the preference will be for the digital, all other things being equal.  Unless, like the Parthenon, it's the imperfections that make things seem more perfect and right.

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when it comes to listening to music.

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Its right that digital has many issues but its better as compared to analog and hence nowadays mostly medias and all are coverted in to digaital for the sake of convenience.