Amazon Music HD launches: Cue “Flight of The Valkyries”

It was only a matter of time until, arguably, the biggest service provider on the planet – Amazon – brought Thor’s hammer down on the high-quality music-streaming competition.

What competition am I talking about? TIDAL and Qobuz, are all David to Amazon Music's 32 million subscriber-Goliath in terms of reach, scale and breadth in the global music-streaming subscription game.

And with today’s announcement that Amazon Music is adding a CD-quality and a high-resolution music streaming tier to its current offerings – Amazon Music HD for $14.99 USD/month or $12.99 USD/month for Amazon Prime members – things just got really interesting for digital-centric audiophiles and music lovers out there.

Spotify may have a reported 100-million paid subscribers, and Apple Music supposedly comes in at 60 million, but Amazon has the ability to pull in a bigger slice of the pie through its Prime service. How many exactly, only time will tell, but it’s a safe bet that it’s a not insignificant number.

The pricing tiers are lower than either TIDAL or Qobuz and with a music catalog a claimed 50-million deep at what Amazon is calling “High Definition” and “millions” at up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution in FLAC format that it’s dubbing “Ultra HD” (keep it simple for the masses), the company seems poised to give its 32-million subscribers something those other two streaming services have been struggling to do: bring quality music to the masses.

Amazon Music HD is currently available in the USA, UK, Germany, and Japan. For more information and a 90-day free trial: Amazon.

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whell's picture

There's no app for their basic music service, so I suspect there might not be one forthcoming for their HD offering. :(

Musical Images forever's picture

There is an app. It's much easier to find music with it, I find.
However, there is no MQA which is a deal breaker for me. Using the new Quad headphones, there's a big difference.