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From Sonic.Build: The Roon Ready 24/192-capable Sonic Bitstream ($219) and Sonic DAC ($249).


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that you have both ends of the price spectrum covered.

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Bog standard Raspberry Pi modules, the only difference being that they're already assembled and presumably the required software image is pre-loaded.

Which is fine, just want to understand what we're looking at here. So looking forward to the review


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They look like Pi's 2 or 3 with a HiFiBerry DAC/Digi+ on top.
And yes they are both "Roon Ready".
I already can tell you that the Pi with Digi+ sounds fine, especially when you power the Digi+ separately with a linear power supply.
Curious what Sonic adds ti that, except the funny boxes.

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attractive packaging and a big dollop of convenience from the look of it.

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Amazing as it might sound, a lot of people just want to listen to music and not mess around with optimizing operating system details and a host of other details that nobody seems to completely understand well. Products like these appear* to be great solutions.

* - I've never seen, used, or even smelled one, so I can't vouch for them personally...

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I love everything about the way these things look and I'm sure ML will fill in everything I need to know about how they sound.'s picture

Thanks all for the comments, and thanks to Michael for kicking the tires on our products. Most of the comments above are correct: our products are intended to be plug-and-play Roon Endpoints for those not interested in fussing around putting this stuff together themselves, and also for those looking for reasonably-priced, very-good-sounding (yes, I'm of course biased) Roon Endpoints.

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I'm willing to pay a little extra to not have to build these endpoints myself. But need to wait for review of sound quality (with standard power supply). The Sonore Sonicorbiter SE endpoints require added expense of DACs. Looking to pair the endpoints with another reasonably priced option for the core (Small Green Computer - sonicTransporter).

Would also like Airplay on the Roon endpoints (For example, stream iHeart radio from iPhone/iPad). Wondering if I would have to 'install' that myself on the Raspberry pi.