In one of the hall displays on the Mezzanine I came across Aesthetix, their Pandora Vacuum Tube USB and S/PDIF DAC ($6,000) and Jim White who took some time to show me around the inside. The Pandora offers an Asynchronous USB input using Wavelength's Streamlength technology and three S/PDIF inputs all capable of 24 bit/192kHz. Those tubes you see are 12AX7s and 6DJ8/6992s and the DAC you can't see is the Burr-Brown PCM1792A. There's an optional volume control so you can go direct into your amp of choice and there's a lot more to this story and a full line of products so visit the Aesthetix site and see for yourself.

If the name Jim White rings too many bells, this Jim White is the one that worked with Theta back in the Casablanca days. If that doesn't ring any bells think cool badass vibe digital.