Acoustic Sounds Announces DSD Deal with Sony Music!

From the Acoustic Sounds announcement:
Acoustic Sounds Inc. of Salina, Kan., the worldwide leader in audiophile recordings, signed an agreement today with Sony Music Entertainment Inc. to provide the company’s new digital download service with albums that have been produced or remastered in Direct Stream Digital (DSD), the highest resolution audio technology available.

The deal, which follows an earlier agreement reached with Universal Music Group, includes hundreds of recordings from Sony Music’s vast catalog. All of these recordings will be licensed to Acoustic Sounds’, the first high-resolution music service to offer mainstream albums in DSD.

Yeowza! The first Sony titles are expected "any day, next week at the latest". No word on which titles will be first but I'll certainly be keeping an eye on the site (btw - there are now 71 DSD titles available).

Check out the current selection of DSD downloads at

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I love it, right smack in the middle of these classic jazz and R and B AcousticSounds selections there's Smokin by Humble Pie! That's the last straw, I'm going DSD!

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Next thing you know, Sony Music will start putting all these DSD reissues on a physical disc, perhaps a dual layer format that would have a CD layer that you could rip and play anywhere; and then have a high resolution layer that would play in high-res players and computers connected to DSD DAC's. And they could charge less than what these ridiculous downloads will cost and you would have a fundamentally permanent copy with an improved version of a jewel case and liner notes. Nah, that'll never work.

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I can feel my wallet burning a hole in my pocket already.

Maybe there will finally be non-Classical music in DSD I want to download.

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The other day I was ready to pay for & download a number of DSD albums. I was denied it because I live in Canada.

I will gladly download those albums from the Pirate Bay when the titles make it there, guilt-free.

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For non-americans, all you need is a US postal address and make the payment through paypal! I'm from Singapore and I have downloaded 3 of the titles so far! So good luck to you guys!

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Another Canadian here.  I also tried without success.  I'm sure they are working on international distribution, and I know the territorial laws for copy rights is a huge hurdle.  I would sooooo.... like to give them my money, I already see 3 titles I would buy.   And now this Sony announcement, wow!  I'm so happy to see all this high-res stuff on line, now if I can only get it.  I've been on Acoustic Sounds web site 2 times this week just to drool, LOL.

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On another forum it was mentioned that the AS deal is probably with Sony America and not Sony Japan, where most of the great DSD is. 

However, Sony has so much great music catalogued in DSD - much of it never released on SACD - that if access is given to some ot this it will be very significant.