4 All-In-One

no amplifiers were injured during the photo shoot

I recently received an email asking, "What's up?" Here's a peak at some of the gear in-barn for review (from the top):

  • Peachtree nova300 integrated amplifier/DAC ($2299.99)
  • Lumin M1 integrated amplifier/network player/DAC ($1990)
  • Hegel Röst integrated amp/network player/DAC ($3000)
  • Moon by Simaudio Neo Ace integrated amp/network player/DAC ($3500)

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Hello Michael. I believe you had the Schitt Yggdrasil in barn a few months ago. Is there still a chance it will be reviewed?


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...was sent back to Schiit for testing. I should receive either the original unit back or a new unit for review. I do not have a delivery date as of today.
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Hi Michael -

Looks like a lot of fun testing lined up for you in the barn.

Any plans to review the new Oppo DAC that just came out?


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Please review some items that we could afford (say less than $1000).

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...is a moving target -- it depends on whom you ask. That being said, we do review a wide range of products/prices.

Considering all of the gear in this post are integrated amplifiers (some include a phono stage) plus a DAC (some include a network player), I would say we are looking at 'affordable' gear.

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That has similar functionality, 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms and an $899 price tag. Just a suggestion perhaps for the future.

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those creatures you received are drool-worthy and represent some pretty killer value I think.