3beez Music Management System

The 3beez Wax Box 4 Special Edition comes with a total of 4TB of storage (2TB music/2TB backup) ($6,000) but you can stuff up to a total of 12TB inside (6TB music/6TB backup). But 3beez is more than a hardware platform; the company has spent years refining their Wax System which includes their proprietary music management software, which, in a word, is all about extended, refined, and highly customizable metadata. The company's "Flexible Metadata" approach was granted a US Patent.

Wax Box offers HDMI out so you can display the 3Beez GUI on a big TV

While I do not envy anyone in the software music management business these days seeing as Roon is becoming darn-near ubiquitous, there are certainly people who want more than Roon offers in terms of extended metadata and the ability to customize same to their liking. For these people, 3beez has you covered.

I'd recommend heading over to the 3beez website and reading because I cannot type all of the available features; there are simply too many, a fact that should tickle relevant people's fancy.

image credit: 3beez

New for RMAF 2016 is the addition of the 3beez BitScrubber digital interface board (outputs; 2x coax S/PDIF) which comes installed in the Wax Box SE. Here 3beez's intro to the question, "How a digital sound source affects sound quality":

The digital circuitry in a digital sound source produces wide-bandwidth analog noise. That noise is present in the ground and power lines, the signal lines, and as electromagnetic interference (EMI). If it reaches the analog circuitry associated with the DAC, it will corrupt the analog output by merging with it or by causing jitter. Packaging the DAC in a separate, metal enclosure will protect the circuitry from the EMI produced by the digital sound source. However, the noise can still reach the DAC circuitry over the interconnect. All audio components should incorporate defenses that permit them to achieve an intended level of performance in typical environments. However, our experience and the experience of many serious listeners suggest that some DACs do not.
Benchmark Media DAC2 DX ($1995), Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier ($2995), PSB Imagine T2 speakers ($1499.99/each)

I spent some very enjoyable time listening to the Tallis Scholars beautiful Bach rendition through this very good sounding yet relatively modest system. Very nice.