2012 International CES The Wrap!

Jon Iverson told me not to miss the 13th floor

From the first minute I hit the Venetian's crowded elevator bank to the last, I could not help feeling behind. There's no way one person can cover everything at CES and T.H.E. Show unless their area of coverage is defined to include only those companies whose name begins and ends with an X.

Of course my beat is "Computer Audio" which is rapidly evolving into everything; integrated amps with USB inputs, receivers with Ethernet ports, DLNA/UPnP-enabled toasters (OK maybe not yet), wireless powered speakers, even CD players have begrudgingly accepted their fate and offered up their backsides to the onslaught of the inevitable—the USB port. Computer Audio was everywhere in Las Vegas in all shapes, sizes, and prices. The distinction between "digital" and "computer" in audio is eroding before our eyes. Our chosen area of interest seemingly knows no bounds (that's really good news).

Everyone is getting into the computer audio game from every angle including hardware, software and music. As more and more human energy and ingenuity pours in, we users will be getting more musical enjoyment out. It's simply a matter of course. I left Las Vegas a little worse for wear but at the same time feeling as if, to quote a phrase, we've only just begun.

Make sure you check out Jon Iverson's coverage of all things digital over on Stereophile for a more complete picture.

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symbolizes what you put into words: computer and "old-school" audio go hand in hand these days - and yet can leave the consumer in dread / in awe (just like the viewer of a Kubrick movie).

Thanks for your CES coverage, Michael!

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My pleasure.

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"2001" was funded by NASA.  It's unlikely that man stepped on the moon in 1969 or since, but either way the video and much of the photography is patently faked.  There are visible cables on the astronauts on some of the video. http://barryb911.blogspot.com/2011/08/one-small-step.html

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This is actually a shot I took of a hallway in the Venetian with The Shining twins photoshopped in. Which clearly proves that the Shining Twins were never on the moon either.