The 17th Annual Blues At The Crossroads Live in DSD

Chad Kassem and the entire cast and crew are to be commended for bringing us this lovely concert. An annual event produced by Acoustic Sounds, Blues At The Crossroads brings together great blues musicians with blues music lovers in Salina, Kansas for two days of righteous blues and soul. 2015 saw the first time this concert was captured, live, direct to DSD64 and I've been listening to Mighty Sam McClean belting out his powerful soulful sounds and the sound and music is about as moving as it gets. Bravo.

Mighty Sam McClean's recording career reaches all the way back to the '60s and he was performing well before that from the age of 15. While Sam usually sings with a fuller group including horns, Chad convinced him that a smaller ensemble, just keyboards and guitar, would work well in the former church in Salina, now called Blue Heaven Studios, and Sam agreed. So do I.

The recording quality is exceptional, crystal clear, and sits you front and center for the full concert sound. DSD is a great format for live music and for those DSD naysayers I say take a listen to Live At The Crossroads in DSD and hear for yourself why so many people enjoy DSD (you may have to remove that stick from your butt to get the full effect ;-)

Here's the set list:

1. Introduction
2. Witness
3. Why Do We Have to Say Goodbye
4. Don't Wanna Be
5. Real Thing
6. Please Mr. Foreman
7. Respect Yourself
8. Thank You
9. The Thrill Is Gone (with Sonny Green)
You can get yourself some Mighty Sam McClean in stereo or multi-channel DSD from Acoustic Sounds.

There are several other performances available including Rip Lee Prior, Moreland & Arbuckle, Joe Beard, Lazy Lester, Big George Brock, and Marquise Knox, Marquise Knox Band, Joe Beard, Lazy Lester & Sonny Green all for $9.98/each. You can also get the complete two-day 67-song set for $49.98 from Acoustic Sounds.

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Just downloaded the Marquise Knox session and it is good stuff. No idea if the DSD makes a difference but sounds great on my Oppo HA-1/PM-2