12 Free Days of Tidal HiFi!

If you've been waiting for the right time to dip your toe(s) into Tidal, now's the time.

The company is offering a 12-day free trial and all you have to do is sign up. No credit card info necessary.


Tidal HiFi free trial

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That is a nice offer, but last Fall they were offering a free six-month trial.

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...today is. . . today ;-)

I got Tidal for Xmas from my daughters and am enjoying exploring pretty much everything and I just got back from shopping at Head Records, Leamington UK picking up Monk and Funkadelic LPs in their sale to spin on my aged Pink Triangle, strikes me as the best of both worlds. Looking forward to tracking back to some of your Tidal links.

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If you have had a previous free trial then you are NOT eligible for this 'no strings attached' offer. Indeed if you try to activate it Tidal will start charging for a monthly subscription WITHOUT TELLING YOU assuming that in your previous trial you gave them payment details. Which you were required to do.

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...Tidal will not allow an endless number of free trials? That's Machiavellian!


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I tried Tidal over a year ago and was not overly impressed. I thought I would take up the no strings attached offer to see if Masters streaming would change my mind. Unreasonable? It was taking my money without asking that got my goat.

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How much did they charge you?
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I paid £20 for a monthly subscription but as I cancelled as soon as the unauthorised Paypal receipt came through I only got one day's streaming for it.

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That would piss me off, too. I'm glad you caught that charge.