11 Reasons To Buy David Lynch's New Record

Crazy Clown Time is filmmaker David Lynch's first official solo record and it's a doozy. Think American Gothic Blues twisted. Or maybe the home recordings of Tom Waits' crazy influential uncle. I've been enjoying it and I think you may too. But if you need more convincing...
1. David Lynch understands how music fits into and forms lives (ex. see Blue Velvet)
2. Karen O's vocals on "Pinky's Dream"
3. David Lynch's vocals on everything else
4. David Lynch's guitar-playing
5. David Lynch's lyrics
6. It's plain weird just like his films and doesn't take itself too seriously
7. Makes for great driving music while lost on some highway
8. It's worth it just to hear David Lynch's uplifted-by-vocoder voice sing, "I wanna have a good day today"
9. It will remind you to watch his movies, again
10. Crazy Clown Time is a great title for a record
11. Why not?
You can download a FLAC version (£8.99) from Boomkat.

Screwdriver's picture

Too bad it's not available in the US as a download.

Michael Lavorgna's picture

...isn't it great that it's available as a download.

Mike Rubin's picture

If you're not a FLAC purist, it's available as an MP3 at eMusic.com (membership required) and probably other MP3 sites by now.