Download of the Week: Dream Wife

Eleven songs and 38 minutes make up the eponymous playful and prickly debut LP from British/Icelandic trio Dream Wife.
"It’s a forceful yet fun reclamation of female sexuality."
That's the band describing the first track from Dream Wife, "Let's Make Out", from a "Track by Track" feature on Consequence of Sound.

"I am not my body/ I am somebody." is track 2's repeated refrain. The band on "Somebody":

"Somebody" is a response to the outpouring of pain, strength and solidarity during The Slut Walk in Reykjavik summer before last, the need for this dialogue globally was enforced during the resurfacing of the #metoo campaign last October. "Somebody" is a call for solidarity and for changes in the fabric of our society.
I enjoy music with a message and I also enjoy straight ahead music-making of the kind Dream Wife make—unfussy, direct, and edgy. The band sprinkles girl group pop on top but it's always clear who's driving.

Listen here and follow the link to Bandcamp to get your own Dream Wife.

It's always fun to see how a record translates to live. See for yourself (and avoid reading the rants in the comments because they are bad for you.

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Had not been paying attention, for whatever reason, but have spent much time on Bandcamp today, and more than a few dollars. Thanks for the Dream Wife tip. One thing, not sure if I'm crazy, but would love some feedback: The FLAC downloads I've listened to are slightly glassier than a comparable Tidal/Roon stream. I made the mistake of purchasing something that is also on Tidal (duh) so was able to click between the two versions seamlessly; the FLAC download was noticeably more digital and glary than the Tidal/Roon stream in my system. Noticeably. Does anyone use WAV or AIFF? ALso hard to tell if some of the more DIY titles are recorded optimally, wondering if that might have something to do with the hard edge on some of these downloads. Many thanks.

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Watching the KEXP video and this band is so full of energy and lots of fun. Heading over to Bandcamp shortly.

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In an earlier comment where I said Lavorgna and I shared similar taste - ie Eric Bibb and Stacy Kent...the last mean good music.

This particular choice is not my Dream Wife. It is pretentious on both a musical and technical scale. Emiliana Torrini comes to mind, an Icelandic sensation, techno pop electronica. Meaning good music. Try the "Me and Armini" CD...ecellent.

There's just too much screaming and acting out among some of these "musicians." I do hate to use that last as a description. Pls keep the head bangers out of hi fi.... Now I gotta take my aspirin after hearing this choice. :)))))

Seriously, I am into new music and keep buying CDs as if they're going out of style. On seond thought, maybe they are.

That sucks!

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As I explained in my response to your comment in Steve's review, which you mistakenly attributed to me.

I am not surprised, therefor, that you are also a careless writer, no offense meant, as you are confusing your taste with reality. While you may not care for Dream Wife, that does change the music, nor does it mean the music "sucks".

All it means is you don't care for it. Which is all well and good if people are interested in learning what music you don't like.