60th Annual Grammy Awards: Do We Care?

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony will be held on January 28, 2018. And I'm wondering—do you care?

While I enjoy watching and thought that Kendrick Lamar's performance at last year's Grammy's was powerful to the point of being nearly breathtaking, I don't place any value on the Awards in terms of my musical preferences. That's entertainment!

I'm rooting for:

  • SZA: Best New Artist / Best R&B / Best Urban Contemporary Album / Best Rap/Sung Performance (because Stephen really likes her and she's from Jersey)
  • LCD Soundsystem: Best Dance Recording / Best Alternative Music Album (Dance = Alternative? Whatever)
  • Leonard Cohen: Best Rock Performance (whatever)
  • Brian Eno: Best New Age Album (whatever)
  • Tinariwen: Best World Music Album
  • Bruce Springsteen: Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Storytelling)
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package / Best Music Film

Are you rooting for anyone?

60th Annual Grammy Award Nominees

ShtumAnalogue's picture

In so much as you’ve brought some categories to my attention. Ultimately, I could care less. If it helps artists sell product all the better.

exile_ken's picture

Don't care. Never have. Having the benefit of hindsight its fun to look back at some of the awards from yesteryear that missed the mark by a mile. My favorite, A Taste of Honey over Yesterday for Record of the year in 1966. A close second may be The Anita Kerr Quartet over The Beach Boys (Good Vibrations) for best Vocal Group performance in 1967. The same year Paul McCartney was recognized for best Solo performance for Elanor Rigby (huh?). The Stones first nomination was in 1978 for Some Girls. Songs like Satisfaction or Paint It Black, and albums like Sticky Fingers were never considered. Every once in a while the blind pig will stumble across the acorn and the voters will do something bold, like Beck winning record of the year a few years back. The Tony Bennett and Eric Clapton Unplugged albums were pretty solid as well. But for the most part, its a lark.

foxhall's picture

I like "Ctrl" but I think "Z" (EP) is remarkable.

Mr Quiet's picture

It's nice to see deserving people, groups, singers, writers, and songs, win awards, but I don't put much faith in the Grammy's. Poli ticks is an apt comment. I don't follow the music industry, just music I like. I already follow national and local government, but that's more than enough shoveling behind the bull for me. This website and like minded forums etc keep my speakers humming and my hard drive full.
Grammy's shmammy's. Just show me the talent, and I'll happily applaud loud and clear.

johnmotex's picture

I care about the Grammy Awards only slightly more than I do about any other awards shows, which is to say only slightly more than not at all. To the extent that I am interested, it depends on who is performing. If there is someone I want to see and hear, I will DVR the show and fast forward through everything that is not that performance. If not, for me, it is like the show never happened. Music is not the music business... why does anyone not in the business care?

galacticz00's picture

Life's too short

mwhitak's picture

What can be done to end these things once and for all ?

germay0653's picture

Politics and favoritism. Everyone has different tastes and I'll make up my own mind as to who reaches me emotionally.

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--- Bartleby

deckeda's picture

I think there's too much "authority" and artificial emotionalism applied to who wins, despite the Grammys occasionally getting it right.

I think music fans and the industry would be better served if the shows highlighted several titles within the respective categories, as a way of saying "this is what you should be aware of." No outright winner, just nominate a bunch equally and say or show how they are relevant.

By the same token, it'd be great if magazines/webzines/blogs kept a running list of music they like throughout the year, so that readers weren't hit with a list of stuff they should have been listening to all along. Human curation/influence is the only thing that can differentiate music from the endless streams now available. Why wait until Dec. each year for it?

I'm also trying to come to grips with an award show that highlights albums, when albums haven't been a big part of how many listeners experience music in the age of individual download sales and streaming.

Don't get me wrong ... as an old school album listener I appreciate it, but can't fathom why today's kids would. How special can any album be today, when "getting" the album means only creating a bookmark or playlist of the songs from within your autopay, paid subscription?

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Just no.