Pedagogical Lexicography of Audiophilia, Condensed (cont'd.)

Figure 3.

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Kidding. I like your graphics!

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Knocked your socks off?

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Is this a pic of "Liz Phair was literally standing there in my listening room?"



I am trying to recall the name of the amplifier that supplied a diaper for the first time you played it.

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Stay tuned ;-)
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From Stereophile Obit: In what would become legendary (and typical) Rosenberg style, he shipped each NYAL (New York Audio Labs) Moscode amplifier with an adult-size diaper, with instructions for the audiophile to put it on before listening, should an accident ensue. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, he advocated ritual baths and ceremonial robes as enhancements for the listening experience, and was the living embodiment of the ancient wisdom that you get only as much from life as you put into it.

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I really appreciate you posting that. I had forgotten who did it!

You honestly made my day!

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I just ate five cans of bean dip during the 23-minute live version of Whipping Post!

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I love that feeling. Especially when it blindsides me.