Lovely Recordings Hosted by Reed Hellmann (Part 2)

This list of favorites has quite a few favorite female vocalists. It also contains several live albums. There is something special about live albums, where attention is paid to the quality of the recording. I tried to include less known albums of well known artists. I hope you find something new and fun in this list.

Eva Cassidy: Live at Blues Alley (Blix Street Records, 1996)
I liked Songbird, and thought it couldn't get better. I feel this live album is better. Her emotion really comes through. One of my favorite live recordings.

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Mazzy Star: So Tonight That I Might See (Capitol Records, 1993)
I heard the song "Into Dust" on either the TV show "House" or "Bones", I can't remember which. The song really stuck with me and I picked up this album. It's a bit dark, but I enjoy it when I'm in the right mood.

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Modern Jazz Quartet: European Concert (Rhino Atlantic, 1962)
Can't remember when I heard this for the first time, but it's a favorite jazz album. The recording & performance is fantastic.

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Emerson Lake and Palmer: Trilogy (Cotillion Records, 1972)
"From the Beginning" is a favorite song that led to picking up the great album.

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Sarah Bareilles: Brave Enough: Live at the Variety Playhouse (Epic, 2013)
Not a huge Bareilles fan, but this album shows her raw talent. Another favorite live album.

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Shawn Colvin: Live (Nonesuch, 2009)
This album is another great live album. I happened upon it browsing in TIDAL. It's now a favorite. Fantastic rendition of "Sonny Came Home".

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The Jayhawks: Rainy Day Music (American Recordings, 2003)
This is one of the few albums where I like every song.

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Lipps, Inc.: Funkyworld: The Best Of Lipps Inc (Casablanca Records, 1992)
As disturbing as this genre was, Funkytown is tour de force song that really blasts off. I (almost shamefully) listen to the whole album occasionally.

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Jimmy Cliff: The KCRW Session (UMe, 2013)
This is a great album. Every songs is fun and energetic. "I Can See Clearly Now" is a song you have heard a million times, but not as good as he performs it here.

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Leonard Cohen: Live in London (Columbia Records. 2009)
I think this album not only has some of the best renditions of his songs, but offers real insight into him as a person. Songs like "Tower of Song", "Boogie Street" and "Ain't No Cure for Love" are fantastic on this album.

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Tuck & Patti: Tears of Joy (SBME SPECIAL MKTS., 2009)
Pristine, clear album. My favorite song is "Takes My Breath Away".

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Harry Belafonte: Belafonte Sings the Blues ()
Most of us know the Carnegie Hall album, but this one is at least as good. The recording is really pristine and the songs a joy.

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Lovely Recordings Hosted by Reed Hellman (Part 1)

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Anton's picture

One of the best Lovely records I can recall!

That Leonard Cohen set (there was a Record Store Day add on, too) is superlative.

Mazzy Star, Roxy Music's Avalon (or almost any Bryan Ferry solo album, and most anything by Massive Attack or Morcheeba all make the 2-4 a.m. chill down part of a good weekend. (Put Low's "One and Sixes" in there, too.)

The Jayhawks, Shawn Colvin...killer.

We were just sitting around at the California Audio Show this weekend talking about the colossal importance and greatness of MJQ.

I am not sure if the 'replies' sections of blogs are meant for chit chat and comparing notes or just a spot for declarative statements, but loved your list!


tulysses's picture

Good to see Tuck & Patti as well as Mazzy Star mentioned. Agree that well produced live albums can offer something special.

A couple of tracks from Tuck & Patti's "Love Warriors" also worth mentioning are Tuck's cover of "Europa" and the medley of "Castles Made of Sand/Little Wing". Again, nice list.