CES 2017: RIRE (Rooms I Really Enjoyed)

In addition to the MoFi room, here are my other highlights.

dCS, D'Agostino, Wilson
This room was over in the Mirage, kind of a pirate deal, and I was greeted by dCS' John Quick, and by happystance, Stereophile's Jason Victor Serinus and John Atkinson. After a few songs I was invited into the hot spot where I sat while we listened to two selections from my CES 2017 USB stick; "Autumn Leaves" from Duke Ellington's Indigoes and "Warm Canto" from Mal Waldron's The Quest. After which, Jason shared a song he thought I'd enjoy; Sarah Vaughn's "Send In The Clowns" (the finale is so over-the-top I got vertigo). He was right. I then played Kim Gordon's "Murdered Out" which I thought might drive Jason from the room. I was wrong.

What was more right was the way this system did everything: It did everything in such a way as I was transported into the music, do not pass go, do not think about how much it cost.


Nagra, YG Acoustics
Nagra also had a nice, big, enjoyable pirate room in the Mirage but I really fell hard for the setup in the Venetian. The reasons were twofold; Costa Kekemenis played me a world's worth of beautiful music and the system kissed my brain.

DeVore Fidelity, Tone Imports/Sugden, totaldac, Brinkmann
Seeing as I own and love DeVore Fidelity speakers (gibbon X) and a totaldac (d1-six), it's no wonder this system felt like a warm caress. John was mainly playing music by people who we lost last year which added to the humanness. I stopped in multiple times throughout the course of the show for a warm caress of humanness re-charge.

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would like to learn more about the sugden electronics. you don't see them very often in the US. used to occupy the same niche as exposure. all Class A?

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Unfortunately, Sugden is not common in the US. However, I used to live in SW CT and there was a dealer just over the border in NY. I purchased a pair of monitors from them (Penaudio) that were hooked up to the A21 integrated amp during the audition and the sound from the amp was absolutely beautiful. If you like a warm, lush sound, you would be very pleased. Seemed to have plenty of power to drive the speakers. For me, that amp is one of those products we sometimes come across that makes a long-lasting positive impression (this was about 10 yrs ago).