MoFi, TAD, & Prince: A Show Highlight

"Did you hear that Prince track in the MoFi room?" asked my good friend Stephen Mejias.


"I didn't know it was Prince."

I went to the MoFi room posthaste and asked Jonathan Derda if he would play that Prince track.


Of course I knew it was Prince going in but "Wow. Gut wrenching." is what I wrote in my notes after the first few notes. The "Wow" was my surprise that this was Prince.

Jonathan played a few more tracks back-to-back and after the third one one of the guys sitting behind me asked, "Who was the first artist?"


"That was Prince?"

"Yea, Prince."


I went back to the MoFi room on the last day of CES 2017 to listen again.

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I'd read Mr. Reichert's mention of this but didn't know which song he was referring to. As a fan, I consider it an amazing song (and recorded performance).

Prince's lyrical depiction of both Lincoln and John Hammond are technically true yet falsely out of context, which is what helps make them powerful examples in a deeply moving song.

But I think that in any age, there's no denying what an avalanche innocent snowflakes can cause.

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Sadly, Mofi does not have album for sale. But I hunted one down on Discogs! Thanks!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Aside from the various interactions with beautiful people, my favorite aspect of any hi-fi show is discovering new music or hearing old music in new enlightening ways. My experience in the MoFi room with Jonathan Derda and Prince's "Avalanche" was one of my all-time favorite musical moments and discoveries of CES. It was the perfect song in the perfect place at the perfect time.

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Great track, tried to find it on Qobuz, HDTracks, etc. but it seems it does not exist in highrez digital... Amazon has the album at $250 :)

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...instantly knew it was PRN. Just impeccable, heart-rending.

Thanks for bringing it forward, Jon, Stephen, Michael, et al.