Wireworld Starlight Cat8 Ethernet Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a Wireworld Starlight Cat8 Ethernet Cable ($210.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Wireworld Starlight Cat8 Ethernet cable provides breathtaking improvements in sound quality with a radical flat design that exceeds the new Category 8 performance standards.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

beaur's picture

This should be interesting in my system.

TNjazz's picture


Dick James's picture

I hope I win

Dick James's picture

I hope I win

Dick James's picture

I hope I win

ogerestein's picture

Still not convinced on the benefits of a high-end Ethernet cable, so would love to try this out on my system to see for myself! Thanks!

CraigS720's picture

Would like to try this with my Bryston BDP-2 and Bricasti M1.

mikerr's picture

Thank You

mikerr's picture


Hoopdeedew's picture

I would love to hear the improvement in sound which this offers.

2_channel_ears's picture

Star light star bright.

bigcap's picture

hell not?

Mark Tarone's picture

The Sound of Silence

mentt's picture

Seems like interesting cable

vinsanity's picture

I would love to gives these a try! :)

vinsanity's picture

I would love to give these a try! :)

gputty's picture

They make a great HDMI cable as well.

Jared Beebe's picture

Sounds interesting, but it would be necessary to move the server next to the stereo.

whell's picture

...as your post Holiday workout. :-)

failynn's picture

Hoping it's me, or someone more deserving.

Dug1111's picture

Pretty cool

mav52's picture

Count me in.

AaronB's picture

I appreciate the opportunity to improve my system if I win!

katie's picture

This free cable may be the best value proposition

aleone's picture

I have always wanted to try a high end ethernet cable in my system

dmhenley's picture

Nice. I'd like to run this cable.

whell's picture

I'm ready to have the wind knocked out of me. :-)

kevon27's picture

I heard these cables at a demo and they sounded incredible. Strange thing though, I was born completely deaf. A testament to great audiophile cables.

ktracho's picture

I didn't know there was such a thing.

Audiomutt's picture

I'm up to trying the latest and greatest...

hammo1981's picture

Would love to try this cable on my new DAC

alonwa's picture

How long is it?

watchnerd's picture

It's 1 meter long.

For that same amount of money, you can buy 250 feet of Cat 8 cable...

bloombun's picture

I'm in it to win it.

hifuguy's picture

Me too please. Thanks Audiostream & Wireworld! My Pi/HifiBerry/Roon setup would totally love this... it looks awesome.

watchnerd's picture

I want to win so I can compare this so generic Cat8 cable, which costs 1/70th of the price.

For the $210 of this 1 meter pair, I can buy 250 feet of generic cat 8 cable, which is already rated for 10 gigabit speeds.

JJW's picture

This could be useful.

ajschmidt's picture

This could be the start of a whole new upgrade cycle!

Electroliner's picture

10Gb ethernet cable, here we come!

russm535il's picture

I just retired and purchased my dream system upgrading cables one by one I would love to win this
Best !

BSO's picture

Kudos to WireWorld for introducing a CAT 8 cable for audio use. Whilst using better processors, audio manufacturers have lagged behind in using interfaces like Gigabit Ethernet that will make the acceptance of high resolution formats much more acceptable to new audiences. It's a matter of systems engineering. Neil Young would be proud!

eiseyman's picture

Count me in!

cclay's picture

Please and thank you

Jnani's picture

...and it would get here a lot quicker through this cable...

markf's picture

I would be very excited to try these!

moosehunt's picture

Would love to give this a try!

psjogren's picture

I'm finally putting together an audiophile system and this would be a fine addition

314159265357989's picture

I don't believe in audio differences between cable but it looks good!

Lifer's picture

I am a fan of the Audioquest ethernet cables and I am about to buy a Wireworld one for comparison.

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douglas882's picture

Would love to compare this with my current cable! Thanks!

Doak's picture


jmq's picture

Stream it on over...!

romaz's picture

Yes, by all means.

babreckenridge's picture

Plug me in,Scotty!

brw's picture

Details matter. CAT8 ethernet adds significant shielding, at a critical place. Consider all the noise emitted by the multiple cables at the back of the typical rack.

Erik701's picture

I really want to win!

SHR66's picture

I haven't even used CAT7 yet!

anomaly7's picture

I'm in-

urhlre's picture

sure would be nice.

joneill's picture

The perfect match for my WireWorld Platinum 7 Starlight USB cable!

uncola's picture

this is the winning entry. you know it and I know it. let's stop playing games and just award me the cable

ypphilosopher's picture

pretty please?

jhead's picture

Would be nice to check it out.