Wireworld Starlight Cat8 Ethernet Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a Wireworld Starlight Cat8 Ethernet Cable ($210.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Wireworld Starlight Cat8 Ethernet cable provides breathtaking improvements in sound quality with a radical flat design that exceeds the new Category 8 performance standards.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

bobflood's picture

would like to try this cable.

Joris B's picture

currently use audioquest cinnamon on my streamer with great results, curious to see how they compare to this Wireworld beauty!

rwilson75's picture

I'd love to try it

rwpf1's picture

Starlight...star bright...

jneber's picture

Count me in!

mschnabel@me.com's picture

I'm in!

Wilderness's picture

Can this be used when a CAT6 cable is the specified cable for speakers?

foxhall's picture

really like to win this cable.

jimmy.kl's picture

How would it sound?

rockhead's picture

I hear that this cable, to quote the Grateful Dead, is like "Angel standing in a shaft of light"

Greyfossil's picture

Cant Trump this opportunity unless its a Bernie.....

Bobbyrtz's picture

to win this.

nepheshdust's picture

I never win stuff but hey why not try! this would be cool to try out on my rednet

Shp's picture

Heard so many great things and I would love to try have it in my system.

jeffstudio's picture

I'm interested in hearing the difference this cable can make.

Wimbo's picture

give it a try.

DrJez's picture

All I want for Christmas is ....

Brown Sound's picture

Sign me up, Johnny!

Venere 2's picture

Love to have this cable!

DH's picture

Too many bucks for me to buy, but I'd love to have one!

hifial's picture

Crazy 8, papa needs a new Ethernet cable.

roman_jury's picture

so I'm leaving this comment.

Ampalang's picture

From experience i have learned that bitstreams benefit the most from better digital cables. If there is packet data involved it is harder to hear differences.
But like i said, i am open minded about things i don't always understand.

FransZappa's picture

...is the right answer, I believe.

andreasecon's picture

Amazing cable

CarterB's picture

Winning this cable seems ideal way to try.

Boy Howdy's picture

I'd like to try this cable.

oozlum's picture


dcaplan's picture

I'm interested!

walleyeil's picture

Sure, I can use it to upgrade the AQ Forest in my system.

bigasherm's picture

Let me have the chance to try it out!

Type35's picture

It seems very well built. I would love to try it out.

jrhud's picture

or are they?

Tsorbi's picture

And thank you

Wrivard's picture

Why not me

nuz1's picture

I've been good this year!!

KINGTED's picture

I would like to upgrade my Ethernet cable


Stirrio's picture

never sounded so good!

Ixtayul's picture

I could afford one.

jamesk's picture

Would be the impetus to buy a streamer!

Neilm123's picture

Nice! Great, Grand, Wonderful!
Would be fun to compare to my existing cables

bambooman's picture

I have some other excellent Wireworld cables and would love to try these. They truly do make a difference.

Leo2's picture

When will I receive my free cable? Thanks.

Brankin's picture

Official entry -

ctsooner@alumni.ou.edu's picture

cable that's affordable with top quality. Would love to win one, but either way it will be in my audition list. Thanks Michael. Greatly appreciated. Thanks.

akeg's picture

I bet it is as good as the rest of my full Wireworld cable loom

cfisher's picture

Just a poor teacher looking for an ethernet upgrade!

Greyfossil's picture

I aspire to get one of these.

gnatster's picture

Might I be the lucky commenter that wins the cable?

germay0653's picture

Would love to win this cable to compare it to my own DIY Belden 10GX33 cable with Sentinel 111S08080095HA4 RJ45 connectors.

wineandwires's picture

I'd love to try this comparison.

Frank Hardly's picture

Yes please, I would like some

lerowell's picture

bathe me in your starlight

HBS9's picture


nick's picture

and happy holidays.
peace on earth.

thegrinch's picture

Just got a microRendu...would love to pair this cable with it!

kana813's picture

Looks like a great produt.

SixSigmaGuy's picture

I need this.

azpaint's picture

Color me curious! :)

Mischko's picture

gimme some :)

leetbruce's picture

Would like to try this cable.

TPiddy's picture

Would love to try this...

NORGATEoiler's picture

I'd be curious to try it because quite honestly I'm very skeptical it makes much difference.

spyder1's picture

I want this!

Naica's picture

Let me try this cable

garrettnecessary's picture

sounds great

VonEdwardian's picture

. . . see the difference.

Inside, you can feel the difference.

duskdrums's picture


da Choge's picture

She shore is one humdinger of a wire !!!

idigmonk's picture

Me want

stereodad1@gmail.com's picture

Anything that improves performance is something I am interested in.

auxyone's picture

Would love to try it!

EdAInWestOC's picture

I wouldn't mind trying it...

solarophile's picture

Who wouldn't want a free Cat8 cable!?

ajc1's picture

but willing to give it a try for $0!

LeeC's picture

It must be my turn to win!

purestav's picture

Looks like an awesome cable.

HK_sends's picture

But new to the comment section. That is a very nice looking cable!
-HK sends

blang11's picture

I'm in!

noirx7's picture

Ready for some improved wired sounds!

PeteS's picture

Why not

daedalus80477's picture

I could use a cable upgrade.

HT Guy's picture

Yes please. Could use.

affolsbid's picture

I have moved my whole music library on a sonic Tramnsporter and two microRendus and have to try better Ethernet cables. Maybe this will be my chance.

Mr.X's picture

Send me my cable!

Jakc33's picture

I'd love to find that under my christmas tree

billanddaisy's picture

I would love to try it.

a25105's picture

Hope I win, love to try it.

sharok's picture

This is Wireworld cable you're talking about.

Who wouldn't like it?

I love it.

KR7070A's picture

this would work well with my new computer--please pick me!thanks