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I hope there is something new for you to listen to in this list.

Harry Manx: Road Ragas (Dog My Cat Records, 2004)
This CD is a must. Harry is a marvel. This album is bluesy, but he also plays a banjo in a way I never knew possible. He is known for playing the mohan veena, which he does on a couple songs on this album. A live album with perfect acoustics.

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Pousette-Dart Band: The Best of Pousette-Dart Band (Cema Capitol, 1994)
Someone brought this Pousette-Dart Band CD to RMAF two years ago for a dealer to play in their room. I happened to be there. "Woman in my Dreams" is the killer track he had them play, but I enjoy the whole album.

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Allen Toussaint: The Bright Mississippi (Nonesuch, 2009)
This Allen Toussaint album was played at a recent listening session at a friends. It is beyond incredible. "Saint James Infirmary" was the track we listened to, but every track on this is so flipping good. Probably my favorite album if you asked me today.

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Nils Lofgren: Acoustic Live (Vision Music, 1997)
Incredible live album. Amazing.

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Lyle Lovett: Joshua Judges Ruth (Curb Records, 1992)
I'm not a huge Lyle Lovette fan, but this album is fantastic. My favorite tracks are "North Dakota" and "Baltimore" but the rest are really nice as well.

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Denise Donatelli: Soul Shadows (Savant, 2012)
I'm not sure how I came across this album, but it's is fun to listen to. It's energetic and sonically pristine.

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Here is a pick of my wife, John Waite and myself from a meet & great at a recent small venue concert.

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eddie v's picture

Joshua Judges Ruth? (Lyles album)

GarkM's picture

Must agree on the ones I know, will check out the new to me. Thanks!

Allen Toussaint: American Tunes is also awesome.

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Good stuff!

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... then find an old DTS copy, recorded in 5.1 surround. The first drum beats on "I've Been To Memphis" will startle you, and the background vocals on "Since The Last Time" are unbelievable.

I know, I know, surround is so tacky ... you won't say that after hearing this. Simply the best digital recording I've ever heard.