dCS (and real music)

When I go into the dCS room at any hi-fi show, I know that two things are going to happen: I'm going to hear great music and it's going to sound great. The former, and in many ways the latter, are due to dCS' John Quick. While I often make fun and sometimes complain about the music played at hi-fi shows since it falls somewhere between absolutely dreadful, painfully cliché'd, and "Really? Are you kidding me?" (especially in Munich), some people actually enjoy music. John Quick enjoys music.

At one point while listening to some lovely tunes through this lovely system, dCS Vivaldi, D'Agostino electronics, and Wilson speakers, John came over and whispered, "I'm going to stream something from Tidal." He chose the tear-inducing track "Exodus" from Jesu/Sun Kil Moon (see review) and I wrote, "Why buy?" What I was thinking is no one, in their right mind anyway, would take issue with any aspect of this reproduction. I know some people claim that streaming from Tidal sounds worse than playing back from local storage but my guess is their either their network sucks, a real possibility, or their hi-fi sucks.

Granted, I was listening through a lot of money in gear but I know that this kind of quality relative to our system context, and the question "Why buy?", will trickle down to us someday, soon. I buy because I like supporting artists I enjoy so they can keep making music but in terms of sound quality, the argument is getting...difficult.

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Any chance you could educate me on your take of digital watermarking of streamed audio from Tidal, Spotify, radio, etc.? If you hear it, does it diminish your appreciation of the music?

I'm no goldenears and I'm not sure how it manifests itself in what I'm hearing. However, it's the first argument - if it could be called that - I could give to "Why buy?"

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I listen to Tidal HiFi when streaming and for the music I listen to digital watermarking is not an issue.