Pure Music Improves Streamthrough

From the press release:
Lambertville, NJ—February 4, 2015—Channel D, developers of the innovative and award-winning Pure Vinyl™ and Pure Music® computer audio software for Apple Macintosh computers and the creator of the Seta® Ultra Wide Bandwidth Balanced Flat Phono Preamplifiers has released a significant update to its Pure Music® software.

Pure Music 2.0.3, available for download now from the Channel D website, brings enhancements to its Streamthrough streaming audio technology. Streamthrough permits conveniently playing and enhancing other computer audio sources through Pure Music, with full access to Pure Music's dithered volume control, 64 bit crossover, audio EQ plug-ins, NetSend streaming, metering, etc., all without needing to quit Pure Music.

Streamthrough has been around for 4 years and is fully integrated with Pure Music so you only need to launch (and buy) one app to stream music from your music library or via streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, etc. More from Pure Music:
Even better, switching to Streamthrough is AUTOMATIC - if you play an Internet radio station in iTunes, or TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, YouTube, etc., the audio is "automagically" detected and switches Pure Music from file play to Streamthrough mode!
I'll be taking a closer look and listen to Streamthrough mode in Pure Music soon.

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Actually, 2.0.4 is now out.

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I have nothing against audio software and people can process the signal anyway they please. As long as I am not forced to listen to it I'm cool. However, Pure Vinyl (TM) a trademark for digital software? isn't it interesting how digital audio always wraps itself in three words: analog, tubes and vinyl.