Hey! I know you. The Vivaldi stack from dCS that recently had its debut in NYC at EARSNOVA was put to very good use in the dCS/VTL/Wilson/Transparent room. My recollection of the EARSNOVA systems' sound told me that it and this system sounded very different. And they should sound different seeing as we're talking about different associated equipment in a different room playing different music (not to mention the different me). Which raises the very real point that we're hearing all of these things when we listen to hi-fi even though our interest may only be in one piece of the puzzle.

For RMAF 2012, the dcs Vivaldi stack consisting of the Vivaldi DAC ($34,999), Vivaldi Transport ($39,999), Vivaldi Master Clock ($13,499), and the Vivaldi Upsampler ($19,999), was joined by Wilson Audio's newest speaker, the Alexia ($48,500/pair) driven by VTL's Siegfried Series II Reference monoblocks ($65,000/pair) and the VTL TL-7.5 Series III Reference line preamplifier ($20,000).

During my visit, AnalogPlanet's Mikey Fremer came in and we were treated to some selections from his flashy drive including Nat King Cole and The Rolling Stones and the joint was jumpin'.

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What a beautiful rig! Thats about all I can say.

Those prices are definately in the %1 ball park! Its funny that there are people who actually buy stuff at those prices, because, once you get one component at that level you really need to 'round it out' appropriately with others in its league, such as the above system set up.

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Divide all prices by 15 and you are getting closer..