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Brian Hunter  |  Feb 28, 2019
Welcome to the sixth episode of the AudioStream Podcast and host Brian Hunter brings you Rob Darling of Roon Labs. Darling has made his way from the production end of music all the way to the heavyweight audiophile streaming-software company Roon. His time in the studio helped hone his digital skillset which he now wields as a rich tapestry along with a keen sense of listening. In our interview Darling walks us through the new digital lifestyle of high-end audio, tuning-in to the current touchstones of the hobby with a critical ear and discusses what the future holds for Roon Labs.
Brian Hunter  |  Jan 30, 2019
EJ Sarmento has been steering the Wyred4Sound ship since the beginning, but his history designing audio products goes back much further than that. Listen as host Brian Hunter dives deep into Sarmento's background and also discusses the future of hifi.
Brian Hunter  |  Dec 21, 2018
Welcome to the fourth episode of the AudioStream Podcast and host Brian Hunter brings you Part 2 of our in-depth two-part interview with legendary music-industry producer and studio engineer Al Schmitt. With his preternatural ability to get the best out of some of the greatest artists spanning decades of modern music as we know it, Schmitt's name has become synonymous with mega-talent.
Brian Hunter  |  Dec 01, 2018
Welcome to the third episode of the AudioStream Podcast and host Brian Hunter has managed to sequester an music-industry legend in producer and studio engineer Al Schmitt, whose deep connection with music spans almost the entire breadth of modern music as we know it.
Brian Hunter  |  Nov 09, 2018
Nuno Vitorino of Innuos sparks up a conversation with host Brian Hunter about the silicon-based neural pathways that help make up digital-audio music servers. Are bits really just bits, or is there more to the story than just that?
Rafe Arnott, Brian Hunter  |  Oct 24, 2018
Our introductory interview features none other than the legendary Bob Stuart, of cutting-edge digital hi-fi maker Meridian Audio, Life Fellow in the prestigious Audio Engineering Society (AES) and most recently the creator of the divisive music-codec technology MQA and its very public and continually unfolding story in the music and hi-fi industry.